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GNU General Public Licence, version 3 GWtool is a set of simple command-line tools for working with gravitational waves.

The default installer uses CMake. The code has been used with gfortran (4.8 or newer), g95 and Intel Fortran and can be used under the conditions of version 3 of the GPL. GWtool has been written by AstroFloyd.

GWtool programs

gw_coalescence_pmax Calculates the maximum initial period that can coalesce within a certain time
gw_coalescence_time Calculates the time needed to reach a certain Porb (default 0) using gravitational-wave evolution
gw_coalescence_time_from_f0 Calculates time of coalescence for a LIGO binary from certain frequency f0
gw_eta2q Compute the symmetric mass ratio η from the asymmetric mass ratio q
gw_final_period Calculates the orbital period of a detached stellar binary after a given time of GW evolution
gw_isco Calculates isco properties for a black hole with given mass and spin
gw_ligo_mcmc_injection Create an inspiral injection xml to use for lalinference_mcmc
gw_ligo_xml2screen Print the contents of a LIGO/Virgo injection.xml file to screen
gw_m1m2-mceta Compute chirp mass and symmetric mass ratio from the individual masses
gw_match_wfs Match two time-domain waveforms in specified files
gw_mceta-m1m2 Convert the chirp mass and symmetric mass ratio to individual masses
gw_q2eta Compute the symmetric mass ratio η from the asymmetric mass ratio q

GWtool pages

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GNU/Linux distributions

GWtool is available in the following Linux distributions:
Arch Linux: package gwtool in AUR
Gentoo Linux: package sci-astronomy/gwtool in the AstroFloyd overlay


You can contact AstroFloyd through or SourceForge.

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